Technology Platforms

In order to ensure that your information technologies infrastructure operates incessantly, we provide services through our Istanbul and Ankara Data Centers.
With our expert and experienced team, we monitor your information systems proactively on a 7×24 basis, we make improvements works and, when necessary, we make interventions to provide you with systems that work efficiently.

Data Center

Using ITIL methodology, we provide services with our experienced team of experts through our Istanbul and Ankara Data Centers.

Our expertise on data center services ensures that your information technologies infrastructure operates incessantly, continuously and more efficiently with the state-of-the-art technologies. With our data center services, you can achieve low investment costs, high expertise, reduced risk, flexibility and scalability.

  • Hosting

    You can host both your servers used for in-house applications, and those used for providing services to your customers, benefiting from our cabinet or co-location services at our data centers supplied with top-level mechanical, energy and security controls, and where up-to-date technologies are used.

    If you demand, we carry out the management of your servers with our experienced staff consisting of expert engineers and technical personnel. Click here for our Maximus Managed Hosting Services.

  • Storage and Backup

    While increasing your business performance thanks to our high-security storage and backup services, where you can reach your critical data and applications any time you desire, owing to the scalable data center infrastructure we offer, you benefit from a flexible storage area which you can manage according to the changes in your business volume.

    If you demand, we carry out the management of your data storage servers with our experienced staff consisting of expert engineers and technical personnel. Click here for our Maximus Managed Storage and Backup Services.

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    In order to ensure that your systems continue to operate in case of any breakdown or disaster, we analyze your information technologies from end to end with our subject matter expert staff.

    We provide tailor-made, pre-determined solutions in line with your expectations to ensure the continuity of your business. Thus, in case of any disaster, you can both carry on with your work and you do not encounter any data loss. Click here for our Maximus Disaster Recovery Services.


Managed Services


  • Application Layer

    By entrusting your critical Systems to a reliable and experienced service provider, you can decrease your costs and increase your business productivity.

    SAP services, i.e. the brain of corporates, has become to gain a more critical importance, to operate integrated with more systems, and to transform into a more complex structure as the needs increase. Therefore, it is obligatory that the management of SAP systems is dealt by a subject-matter-expert company in a corporate way!

    The technology layer of your SAP systems (Basis) is managed by our expert teams in a secure way, using Solution Manager prepared by SAP specifically for this task, and the most accurate application methods. Within the scope of this service, all SAP products are monitored automatically on a 7×24 basis, and the tasks of updating, trend analysis, performance monitoring, and error analysis are performed. In the cases defined as abnormal on the system, an automatic call is made and the matter is inspected.

  • Data Layer

    We offer solutions for the database and the middle layer systems used in various environments, such as live, test and training environments and containing intense, complex and valuable data, to function incessantly and with the desired performance.
    With our data layer solutions:

    The advantages we provide for your company and employees with system management:

    • • You obtain a higher efficiency from your database by benefiting from our competent experts, who have accumulated experience through projects in various sectors, and who continuously pursue technological advances.
    • • Through the proactive monitoring of your database and middle layer systems, you ensure that measures are taken previously against any internal or external threats.
    • • You make sure that your database systems, which have become difficult to manage due to their installation, configuration, design, inquiry, security and control becoming complex, are managed as necessary.
    Veri Katmanı
  • System / Infrastructure Layer

    With the high processing power, scalable data storage, and backup components we provide, you can use the infrastructure resources (CPU, memory or disc) you need as long as you desire without incurring any initial investment costs.
    With our experienced and expert support team who offer services on a 7×24 basis, we install and manage the servers featuring the configuration and number you desire.

    Sistem/Altyapı Katmanı

Network and Audio Layer

Sistem/Altyapı Katmanı

We monitor your existing communication network (LAN / WAN / WLAN / INTERNET) and audio infrastructure with our Network Operation Center (NOC) team on a 7x24x365 basis, and manage it with our expert staff. As the KoçSistem team, excelled in its field of expertise, we ensure that you attain a high-performance and high-accessibility infrastructure.

The Advantages of our Communication Network and Audio Managed Services:

  • Proactive monitoring, intervention and management on a 7x24x365 basis;
  • Multi-functional communication network and audio monitoring and managing systems that are open to improvement;
  • An experienced team who have served more than 100 entities, and work with various manufacturers;
  • End-to-end services including LAN / WAN / WLAN / VoIP and datacenter solutions;
  • ISP management: the infrastructure is monitored on a 7x24x365 basis; it is followed up and reported through ISP until a solution is reached. Aiming at minimum outage and improvement in service, the accurate communication is ensured between the ISP and the customer;
  • Consultancy services including design for network improvement, optimization and handling projects (HLD/LLD) and “Best Practices”, and finding closure works for compliance with Network Security audits (such as ISO and PCI);
  • Technology-based and operational trainings.
  • Network Operation Center (NOC)

    KoçSistem Network Operation Center (NOC) was founded in 2010 for the monitoring and management of Communication Network and Audio infrastructures, one of the most critical and inseparable components of each organization, in the most accurate way, and to ensure that the organizations are able to use the most recent technology in the most efficient way. The team is positioned at a special facility in the Çamlıca Business Center, where only permitted people can enter. The monitoring screens at the Center are designed tailor-made for the customers, and they create the most ideal environment for the follow-up of the alarms.

    In line with the scope of our service:

    • The communication network (Router, Switch, Access-Point etc.) and the audio devices (Call Manager, Voice Gateway, CUBE Router etc.) are controlled in short intervals via the monitoring application used by KoçSistem, and of which the competence is proved in the whole world. Thus, any power, accessibility or performance problem is determined, and transformed into an alarm, rapidly by the application.
    • KoçSistem team, specialized in alarm management, monitors the accessibility and robustness values of your network components on a 7x24x365 basis through the alarm pages customized for you in the monitoring system and reflected on the monitoring screens.
  • Operating Consultancy

    The Operating Consultancy Service is provided by KoçSistem’s managed services team, competent in communication network and audio services. The aim of this service type is the application of KoçSistem’s versatile experience gained through the operation of various infrastructures by taking your targets and needs into consideration. Thus, you find the opportunity to benefit from knowledge and a holistic point of view based on experience, which you cannot achieve in theoretical consultancy model.

    Within the scope of this service, the findings and recommendations about the communication network and audio systems are shared with you in detailed in a report format. If work is requested, action is taken for the realization of improvements for the communication system.

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