KoçSistem INTERNET OF THINGS PLATFORM: PLATFORM 360 Turkey’s leading information technologies company KoçSistem has launched the very first IoT Platform in Turkey: Platform 360, designed compatible for the use of various sectors and providing integrated solutions


The trend of internet of things which has been growing incrementally due to smart hardware, to which the access is facilitated, and communication costs becoming more affordable creates a great revolution in products and business life. “Internet of things” means the capability of devices or machines connected to the internet to exchange data with each other through the internet. The fact that the things we use in our daily lives become smart and can communicate with each other brings many conveniences to our life. Our alarm clocks’ controlling our organizer automatically, waking us up according to the time of our first rendezvous, and ensuring that we wake up in a warm home by informing the heating system; our smart coffee machines’ being informed that we are approaching the office and ensuring that our coffee will have been prepared by the time we reach the office, are only some of the internet of the things applications that we will witness in the near future.

The internet of things which will help us live our daily life more efficiently and effectively is changing the business models of companies and influencing all the sectors from production to education, from automotive to retail. It is estimated that the number of the devices which are capable of communicating with each other and connected to the internet will reach billions in the upcoming couple of years. The organizations who first meet with smart products are getting the upper hand in competition by diversifying both their operations and the experience they offer to their customers as a result of the connection of those smart products with each other. In the upcoming era, we will witness the existence and communication of the smart and connected products in a total ecosystem, and therefore, the auto-management of this ecosystem.

As KoçSistem we ensure that the new generation business processes, which the companies establish with the support of smart and connected products;

  • are managed with a reliable, scalable and flexible infrastructure,
  • are integrated into existing business processes and applications,
  • are enhanced with new generation mobile and corporate applications,
  • are transformed into an increasing experience for the customers,
  • constitute an infrastructure for new income models; and
  • the data gathered are transformed into a value that will create advantage in competition.
  • INDUSTRY 4.0

    During the 1st Industrial Revolution, the world was introduced to the invention of the steam machines. The harbingers of the 2nd Industrial Revolution were mass production and the use of electricity. As to the 3rd Industrial Revolution, the electronic and digital technologies became a part of the mass production optimization. Today, the world talks about the Industry 4.0 phase. Industry 4.0 means the reshaping of the existing production concept in the industry with the evolving technology. In this new method of production, there is a new approach emerging with the inclusion of various concepts and applications, such as Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of the Things, and Big Data, in the production systems, and therefore in the entire value chain. With Industry 4.0, the production facilities are transforming their machines, warehouse systems and equipment into global networks. In production, the smart devices work more efficiently by interacting real-timely with each other. Connected machines which talk to each other perform the quality control of the product and ensure faster determination of the errors in the production process. In smart factories, where this whole process is managed, the production becomes more productive thanks to big data analysis. As KoçSistem, with our Industry 4.0 approach, we offer you a smart factory concept we built with smart infrastructures, smart machines, and technologies necessary for smart employees, and rendered smart and connected with the technology of internet of things. Thus, we contribute you in benefiting from many opportunities brought about by Industry 4.0 to manufacturers, such as improvement and reduction of time in product development processes, increase of productivity in production, decrease in rates of waste owing to smart production systems, improvement in pre- and post-sales services through big data analysis integrated with CRM systems, and decrease in operational and warranty costs thanks to remote troubleshooting.

    Each having become almost a technology company as a result of the opportunities brought about by digital transformation, organizations aim at attaining better results in their businesses with the vision of Internet of Things (IoT) by gaining competitive advantage through the analysis of data gathered from their infrastructures, assets and employees. As KoçSistem, we are continuing our journey of Internet of Things, which we started with the remote management of many devices, such as base stations, electric meters and production equipment, by presenting the vision of “Platform 360”, i.e. our Platform for Internet of Things. With KoçSistem Platform 360 internet of things infrastructure, we offer a platform solution which securely connects different types of things featuring different communication protocols with each other, systems and people.With Platform 360, you can offer a customer experience combining physical and digital experience by connecting your physical things with each other, and you can optimize your value chain through the automation of the processes of logistics, production and sales. Thus, you can gain competitive advantage through market-changing trends, such as Industry 4.0, and transformation of products into smart and connected product systems. With Platform 360, the efficiency and quality of production increase, transportation infrastructures become smart, assets can be managed remotely, and employees can work more productively in mobile and integrated digital workplaces. Within the scope of Platform 360 vision, while accomplishing projects that touch many sectors, we consider production, infrastructure and energy sectors as main pillars and we continue to facilitate our customers’ businesses with our products in these areas.Besides, with the R&D work conducted at KoçSistem R&D and Innovation Center, we shape the future of the technology of Internet of Things. Through Platform 360 Internet of things platform, we develop solutions customized for different sectors:

    Customized for production sector, ManumetriKS is our product which aims at connecting employees, factory infrastructure and machine systems that have become smart to each other within the vision of Industry 4.0. Within this scope, we target transforming all factory systems, from the handheld terminals used by employees at the factory into production lines and to energy consumption into a connected and managed structure. With ManumetriKSit, it is possible to inform and direct the employees about any error or deficiency on the relevant production line by integrating with various equipments, from torque guns to production machines, on the production line. Besides, analysis aimed at quality management and productivity on employees’ basis are made by analyzing the data gathered from the production lines. For detailed information, please click here.
    SistemetriKS is our product which enables the reading of meters remotely in the energy sector. Our electricity meter eliminates the need to read meters on the field by reading meters featuring more than 50 brands and models through different brand communication modules. The invoicing operation is automated through the transmission of the gathered data to the invoicing system. Also, field teams can be directed through the management of power outage, intervention or breakdown alarms received from the meter and communication units. On the field, more than 20,000 meters are actively read via our SistemetriKS product. On the other hand, our Sitelink product, for the infrastructure sector, is used for the remote management of infrastructures. It targets the remote monitoring and remote management of critical infrastructures, such as system control room, base station and gas station, and also their optimization for productivity in light of the gathered data. Information such as battery condition, unlocking and locking, air conditioner management, heat control, stress, and moisture can be given as examples of monitored data. For detailed information, please click here. . Detaylı bilgi için tıklayınız.
    We transform the business models of the manufacturers into smart and connected product systems in the automotive sector. In this context, from connected vehicle data, we create an automotive platform through which the automotive manufacturers can provide functions such as better technical service, fleet management, usage-based insurance service, new product development shaped via data.
    The entities in the retail sector aim at increasing their productivities by creating a transformation in their stores. Thanks to Platform 360, we provide to the companies in the retail sector the infrastructure necessary for making decisions arising from data, such as tracking the buying behavior of visitors through indoor area location services, monitoring of employees working at critical areas for their security, and monitoring the extent to which the customers use a showroom efficiently.

    Platform 360 PRODUCT FAMILY










    With KoçSistemProduction Automation System ManumetriKS, we enable you to monitor the production systems instantaneously, increase operational productivity, and decrease production loss costs, and thus, we add a great value to your business! ManumetriKS is an integrated system ensuring that the operations performed on the semi-finished products on the production line are monitored and controlled instantaneously, and they are carried out pursuant to the defined standards. It also enables the measurement of the extent to which benefit is obtained from certain equipment used in production, and its improvement. You secure the integration between your ERP systems and the production field. Transaction data are created automatically without the need for manual entry and they are supplied from machines. It is ensured that the semi-finished products and materials are found from the warehouses, and the correct materials are provided for the production in the correct way, quantity and time. The quality at the production phase is improved. Problematic situations can be responded instantaneously with the technical orientation of the operator. Defective products can easily be separated from the production line. You can plan your investments more accurately. You are enabled to plan your productions / maintenances more accurately. It helps you to determine the actions for the increase of the performances of existing equipment instead of purchasing unnecessary equipment.

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    Sitelink is an asset management platform, specifically designed for monitoring and managing your distant critical locations from a single point. With Sitelink, a product of KoçSistem’s vision of Internet of things, you proceed to the future with the right steps by managing the business processes of your assets on the field in a perfect harmony from anywhere and anytime you desire. Our solution consists of two main components: Sitelink Remote Management Unit and Sitelink Management Center. Our solution enables you to monitor alarms, trends and the system status with its strong management and reporting skills, and thus, to manage your distant assets. Sitelink features many functions, such as remote energy management, security system control, location climate and physical accesses.

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    SistemetriKS for your Real-Time, Accurate, Reliable Data Collection, Storage and Management Processes. SistemetriKS is a “Remote Meter Reading System” specifically developed for the automatic remote reading of meter data, transmission of such data to a central system, their verification, completion of deficient data, data storage and provision of them to the relevant parties in the desired format.


  • Obligation to visit, physically, the locations of the subscribers, who are dispersed to a wide area, and problems encountered during such visits;
  • The risk of the personnel to be open to reading errors
  • The length of the meter reading time
  • Failure to determine unauthorized interventions instantaneously
  • Failure to monitor sudden consumption changes

  • Remote Reading Service and Energy Data Management
  • Timely and accurate monitoring of measurement points
  • The invoicing systems being supplied with consistent data
  • The subscribers’ being able to monitor their own consumptions online through this system

    Nowadays, the competition being fierce, companies appeal to multiple communication channels for reaching out to their customers. One of these channels is the digital screens which are available almost everywhere, from shopping malls to cinemas, from markets to metro and outdoors. Reaching out to your customers at the point where they make their buying decisions and being able to modify your message according to your customers’ profiles by utilizing these innovative channels help you to be one step ahead of your competitors. Starting from this point of view, KoçSistem developed digital signage application Pixage under the Internet of Things Product Family. KoçSistems offers you end-to-end solutions and support for your digital signage needs, from provision of hardware and software to the installation of all necessary infrastructures. With the Pixage Product Family, it provides the most appropriate solutions for the requirements of various sectors and accomplishes many outstanding projects both in Turkey and in the world. For detailed information, please visit: http://www.pixage.tv


    Thanks to our IQPlusBig Data Platform, we add value to your business by simplifying your complex data. Business Intelligence Applications is a body of applications and technologies, enabling the collection, storage and analysis of data, and consequently, conducting of planning with such data, with the purpose of increasing the success of the future strategies of organizations. KoçSistem offers analytic business solutions focused on analysis, reporting, modelling, understanding the business outcomes better, faster and more easily, and prospective estimations following operational processes of organizations.


    • You analyze your business outcomes better, faster and more easily.
    • You accelerate your decision-making process, by transforming the content of various data gathered from various resources into substantial reports.
    • You obtain attractive and easily-read reports in terms of visual features.
    • You can make your future estimations based on tangible data in the most accurate way.
    • You can distribute your data in such a way that enables multi-dimensional analysis thanks to the data warehouse solutions to be selected in accordance with your targets.


    With our R&D and Innovation Center, constituting Turkey’s first R&D center in the area of software and the 16th in general, we create solutions for the future needs. As KoçSistem, also in the field of Internet of things, we have accomplished R&D projects in many different areas from past to present; and now, we are putting Internet of Things Product Family into organizations’ service as a result of our R&D efforts. With the targets of further expanding of our Product Family and utilizing the technology of Internet of Things in such a way to add value to our customers’ businesses, we continue with our investments in this area aimed at future with many R&D projects.

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