Finance Business Solutions

The digital transformation redefines the business methods in all sectors.

The finance sector is right in the center of this transformation, and the sector will continue to be reshaped with each and every development in the information technologies.

We focus on the needs of our customers and continue to add action to this sector both with our technology services, our solutions at the application level, and our expert employees in their subjects.

Leasing Solutions

We offer a new-generation corporate management solution whereby you can manage the life cycle of all financial leasing processes, and which can be rapidly tailored to the changing and developing needs of the sector.

With the KoçSistem Leasing Solution, which is managed through a flexible and dynamic infrastructure and features an integrated system consisting of the combination of front office and rear service modules,

  • You can follow leasing transactions up end-to-end, from the offer phase to collection, and you can intervene in any bottleneck in the process instantly.
  • With the contract management and process standardization, you can manage potential risks more efficiently.
  • With the automatic accounting entry after the Maker/Checker control, you can boost your operational productivity.

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