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Software as a Service (SaaS)


In Software as a Service (SaaS), the ownership, distribution and management of the software are performed by one or more providers remotely. It means that the service provider offers the software and the data via a common code and a “one-to-many” model, respectively, to all its users via the “Pay-as-you-use” method. KoçSistem addresses the application needs of its customers through the applications provided with Maximus, i.e. its corporate cloud solution, and ensures that they engage such applications in an easy way and whenever they desire.

KoçSistems Software as a Service (SaaS):

  • ServiceNow

    KoçSistem ServiceNow Cloud and Consultancy Services are now available in KoçSistem!

    We included ServiceNow application in our cloud services within the scope of KoçSistem ServiceNow Cloud and Consultancy Services for your Enterprise Service Management needs!

    The MSP (Managed Service Provider) agreement process between ServiceNow and KoçSistem has been completed in order to offer ServiceNow application which performs Enterprise Service Management through cloud. Thus, beginning to provide ServiceNow Consultancy in Turkey, KoçSistem offers the service for utilization of the application through ServiceNow cloud, first level support and customization of the application.

    “Everything as a Service”

    Thanks to KoçSistem ServiceNow Cloud and Consultancy Services, you can procure all services through the same platform, from IT service management transformation to corporate service management in the other areas of the company. Enabling that the service management practices defined on ITIL are put into use rapidly, and reporting and measurement of service management are conducted through a single infrastructure in the overall organization, KoçSistem ServiceNow Cloud and Consultancy Services provide you with agility because they are designed with the necessary infrastructure to meet your demands rapidly without waiting.


    ServiceNow offers to corporates certain features that provide the opportunity to modernize their IT systems.

    Cloud Model: Since KoçSistem ServiceNow Consultancy Services are designed from scratch for cloud, it has an infrastructure that supports usage directly through the Internet, and is scaled through cloud.

    Ease of Use: With its interfaces, it offers flexible user experience, which can be easily discovered, and whereby the users can maintain their habits gained in their daily lives and on the social media platforms also at their workplaces.

    Single Platform: KoçSistem ServiceNow Cloud and Consultancy Services eliminates system integration problems, which organizations encounter frequently, by gathering all operational services and business practices on it under a single roof and on the same data model. Therefore, it provides the opportunity of reporting and decision support through a single resource.

    Flexibility: Thanks to the platform and interface it provides, ServiceNow enables entities to develop applications which are specific to their organizations, and ensures that such applications operate in integration directly with other core applications.


    ServiceNow projects initiated with the purpose of modernization bring corporate transformations along.

    New Service Model: Thanks to the ITIL-based service model, it transforms the helpdesk-oriented service approach into a service-oriented approach, whereby everybody can contribute.

    Automation of Workflows: Rendering the workflows between requesting parties and those providing services manageable through automation, it eliminates the inefficiencies encountered on intermediate levels.

    Automation: With the automation and orchestration features, it enables that many tasks, which used to be conducted manually, are performed by the system, and thus, it provides operational effectiveness.

    Corporate Service Management: Expanding the concept of Service Management, it provides a service model not only for IT, but also for other disciplines and business units. Thus, it becomes a platform which can be utilized in many areas, such as Finance, Sales and Marketing, Legal Affairs, Facility Management and Administrative Affairs, Human Resources, and Field Management.

    Packages and Modules

    Both basic ITIL processes and service management modules other than IT are available within the scope of “Service Management Suite”, one of the main packages offered by ServiceNow. Under these, there are common components provided by the platform: These can be listed as Service Catalogue, CMDB (Configuration Management Database), Chat and Live Feed applications, Survey Management, Content Management System (CMS), Databank, Workflow Editor, Competence Management, Form Design Interface, Integration Services, Basic Reporting Features, and Mobile Application.

    The following modules are available under the “Project Portfolio Suite”, another package offered by ServiceNow:

    • Project Management
    • Resource Management
    • Demand Management
    • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
    • Test Management

    Cloud Infrastructure

    The business continuity, version updates, security tests and compliance with standards of the infrastructure which operates on 16 data centers worldwide are provided by ServiceNow and can be reported when desired. A copy of the system is kept at a different data center for live system, and data synchronization is performed continuously.

    You can purchase the right to use all these facilities provided by ServiceNow through cloud on an annual subscription basis, the service for the customization of the system to customer needs, and first level support service from KoçSistem.

  • HR Cloud Payroll Management Service

    HR Application offers a vision that saves time for the human resources team by separating human resources processes modularly, and ensures that employees not only benefit from an ease of use, but also are included in, and have a command of, the internal processes.

    Fundamental Targets

    Main targets for the human resources team:

    • Eliminate the loss of time encountered with processes;
    • Ensuring a sturdy data integrity, by minimizing individual errors;
    • Generating reliable and traceable outputs;
    • Preventing effort loss in processes for the human resources team;
    • Decreasing costs through automation of processes;
    • Ensuring productivity.

    Main targets for employees:

    • Establishing a system that is easy to access and to understand;
    •  Including employees related with the internal processes of the organization in such processes;
    • Ensuring that the reliability of the organization increases.

    Main targets for managers:

    •  Provision of instantaneous and direct data;
    •  Supporting the management by providing all the data related with team members.


  • Cloud CRM Service

    With KoçSistem Cloud CRM Service, we offer the most up-to-date version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM application to our customers through our own cloud infrastructure. Through provision of consultancy, application development, supplementary development, integration, reporting and maintenance services within this scope, we ensure that our customers gain advantage in server costs and receive an end-to-end solution with a licensing model that is suitable to cloud service structure.

    What are the advantages of Cloud CRM Service?

    • You gain new cloud application development and management skills.
    • With the user-based monthly pricing model, you eliminate excessive cost items (initial investment, maintenance and technical personnel costs, etc.).
    • You benefit from an end-to-end solution thanks to the consultancy, development and maintenance services.
    • You enjoy a more effective reporting infrastructure.
    • Thanks to the SSO (Single Sign On) infrastructure, you can facilitate the access to the application via your corporate account.
    • You maximize your customer satisfaction.
    • With the mobile applications, you gain access from anywhere.
  • KoçSistem Budgeting Package

    It is a budget application, where the budget processes are developed on Oracle Hyperion Planning platform based on a standard, and which has ready-to-use screens and reports suitable for your needs.

    What are the advantages of the KoçSistem Budgeting Package?

    • With the KoçSistem Budgeting Package, you can plan all the financial processes of your organization in a rapid, flexible and standard way.
    • You can own the KoçSistem Budgeting Package, which identifies the standards of the budget processes, and is offered to you in a ready-to-use fashion, with easy terms of payment and at low costs; and thus, you can save money.
    • You can rapidly reflect any changes on the processes to your budget.
    • By entering data through ready-to-use and standard screens, and thanks to all calculations and formulas being readily defined, you minimize error margin.
    • Since all executive financial reports are integrated in the package, you can report budget, actual and estimation processes separately and comparatively, and you can clearly see various budgets created through different assumptions, and the deviations and differences

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