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Offering solutions that focus on the main “business” of our customers with our innovative approach, we support them in gaining competitive advantage.

We closely follow local & global technology trends, and develop software solutions necessary to gain competitive advantage with our own resources by analyzing our customers’ models on the axis of sectorial dynamics.

E-Government Solutions

E-Invoice: With the transition to e-Invoice, business processes such as sales and invoicing are transferred to electronic media, and thus, you can easily manage and follow up the processes of collection and payment.

E-Ledger: With our e-Ledger solution, offered to the largest companies of Turkey, we provide solutions that will minimize your investment costs and enable you to comply with your legal obligations in terms of e-ledger.

E-Archive Invoice: A new invoicing system, with which you will experience the ease of preparing, storing and delivering your invoices in electronic media.

  • E- Invoice

    Purpose of the e-Invoice practice

    With the e-Invoice practice, a faster and errorless commerce is targeted, and it is expected that savings up to 70% will be achieved in collection expenditures; since certain expenses, such as those arising from printing, delivering, archiving and keeping invoices, will be eliminated. Besides, efficiency will increase and costs will decrease with the integration of processes for delivering invoices, and thus, this transformation will create a positive impact on profitability.

    The Advantages Offered to You with the e-Invoice Practice

    With the transition to e-Invoice, you will transfer your business processes, such as sales and invoicing, to electronic media, and thus, you can easily manage and follow up the processes of collection and payment.

    With the facility to keep your invoices electronically, you prevent the losses arising from printed invoices and you eliminate the archiving costs stemming from the necessity to keep printed invoices.

    Since you will minimize the margin of error with the e-Invoice system, you can manage your cash rapidly and easily, and you can accelerate cash flow by automating the payment system with the “Reconciliation Module”.

    KoçSistem e-Invoice Special Integration Solution

    KoçSistem e-Invoice Special Integration Solution is a Cloud Architecture solution which, basically, receives the invoice contents from the systems that generate invoices with a certain format, and delivers them to its addressee through Revenue Administration (GIB) integration, and in return, transfers the received e-Invoices to ERP/Accounting systems.

    You can also use this system preferred by the leading companies of Turkey without investing in high-cost technologies, thanks to KoçSistem e-Invoice Special Integration Solution.

    Since KoçSistem e-Invoice Special Integration Solution is updated on the central structure on the Cloud, instead of being updated on customer basis, any changes in the legislation and product updates are immediately reflected to your system without allocating any time or incurring any expenses.

    Fundamental Features of KoçSistem e-Invoice Special Integration Solution:

    • Manual invoice preparation;
    • Collective invoice uploading (with GIB Portal standard);
    • Automatic recognition of transactions related with delivered and received invoices on your ERP/accounting program;
    • Integration and monitoring with ERP/accounting systems;
    • Electronic invoice keeping service;
    • Commissioning of Special Integrator Service with a single click;
    • Unlimited user identification and authorization;
    • Easy user authorization interface;
    • Manual/automatic invoice approval/signing;
    • Signing invoices/logs with electronic signature/archive signature;
    • Management of received/delivered invoices;
    • Inclusion of company logo on the standard e-Invoice image.

    Why KoçSistem e-Invoice Special Integration Service?


    • KoçSistem data center is operated with international standards and largest companies’ IT infrastructures in Turkey are managed by experienced KoçSistem data center staff;
    • The capability of monitoring and tracing, in all phases, the data related with the invoices received from taxpayers and delivered to GIB;
    • Uninterrupted and secure e-Invoicing with business continuity and disaster recovery services ensuring zero data loss;
    • Traceable maintenance and support thanks to specialized professional staff;
    • 70 years of experience in Turkish Information Technologies sector;
    • Permanent and long-established vision targeting all “e-State projects.

    Compatibility with ERP / Accounting Systems

    • Ease of recognition of received and delivered e-Invoices thanks to complete integration with ERP / Accounting systems;
    • KoçSistem e-Invoice Special Integration Solution WebService (HTTPs), FTP (FTPs) communication standards support operating independently from ERP systems;
    • A wide business partner ecosystem for ERP/accounting systems adaptations;
    • Fast and smooth entry in the system with a single click.

    Cost Advantage

    • Thanks to the Cloud Architecture, zero initial investment cost;
    • Significant savings in invoicing and keeping costs, and easy access.

    Performance Increase

    • Performance increase in business processes, and decrease in error rates;
    • Role-based authorization;
    • Easy invoice preparation, delivery and receipt with the user-friendly portal interface;
    • Collective invoice upload (with GIB Portal standard);
    • Instantaneous notifications about the status of invoices;
    • Speed in accounting processes and decrease in work load.

    Legal Compliance

    • Compliance with GIB electronic invoice (e-Invoice) standards;
    • Continuous updating pursuant to changing regulations;
    • Compliance with basic and commercial electronic invoice scenarios.

    Alternatives to Benefit from KoçSistem e-Invoice Special Integration Solution

    Connection with ERP / accounting software: With the provision of the necessary connections between your ERP/accounting systems and our e-Invoice solution, you can prepare your e-Invoices on these systems without using KoçSistem’s Portal. Your accounting system should be able to create invoice data in UBL-TR format, and a bidirectional integration should be established between KoçSistem Portal and your ERP/accounting software for you so as to benefit from this alternative.

    Uploading of invoices in UBL-TR format on KoçSistem Portal: You can upload the invoices in UBL-TR format, prepared on your ERP/accounting systems, and which can be uploaded on GIB Portal collectively through KoçSistem Portal.

    Manual usage through KoçSistem Portal: You can prepare invoices through our portal interface. In the commercial invoice scenario, you can approve or reject the received invoices. Besides, you can view the received and delivered e-Invoices in pdf or xml format.

  • e-Ledger

    KoçSistem e-Ledger Solution:

    With our e-Ledger solution, offered to the largest companies of Turkey, we provide solutions that will minimize your investment costs and enable you to comply with your legal obligations in terms of e-Ledger.

    For the secure future of your business, we invite you to use our e-Ledger services provided with KoçSistem’s guarantee and 70 years of experience, and offered in two alternatives according to your business needs, consisting of either in-situ services or cloud architecture.

    KoçSistem e-Ledger Preparation Process


    KoçSistem e-Ledger Cloud Solution


    • Zero hardware cost;
    • Low data storage cost;
    • Minimum human resources need;
    • Zero data loss risk (RPO=0)

    Integration Steps:

    • Sharing of integration documents;
    • Creation of users and adjustments;
    • Tests
    • Go live



    KoçSistem e-Ledger In-Situ Solution


    • The company owns the solution in its local network.

      Steps of the Project:

    • Application Installation Analyses
    • Product Installation, Customization and Integration
    • User Training
    • User Acceptance Tests
    • Go Live



  • e-Archive Invoice

    e-Archive Invoice

    A new invoicing system, with which you will experience the ease of preparing, storing and delivering your invoices in electronic media: e-Archive Invoice.

    Contrary to what is commonly known, e-Archive Invoice does not mean the storage of e-Invoice in electronic media, but it means the delivery, in electronic media, of printed invoice, which is also created in electronic media, and the archiving transaction, which is the legal requirement, being performed in electronic media. Thus, the invoicing processes become the easier, faster and less costly.

    The most cost-effective method of issuing printed invoices: e-Archive Invoice.

    You can either totally eliminate the printed invoice process after obtaining your customers’ approval, or you can issue invoices by simply printing them on plain white paper. Thanks to e-Archive Invoice, you will be able to eliminate the use of the preprinted invoice and complete the invoicing process by simply sending an e-mail to your customers.

    The most practical method to access your printed invoice archives: e-Archive Invoice!

    By keeping the e-Archive invoices to be prepared within the framework of the rules stipulated by GIB in electronic media, you can access and print an invoice you desire rapidly and easily, or you can even re-send it to its recipient through e-mail, without looking for it in a pile of archive files.

    The e-Archive Invoice application enables you to issue invoices to any legal or real persons who are not registered in the e-Invoice application, and thanks to its economic efficiency, it will bring many conveniences into your life.

    Differences between e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice:

    The printed document is void.
    It can be printed on paper.
    Delivered through GIB.
    It is only approved with fiscal seal.
    It is only approved with fiscal seal.
    It is approved with fiscal seal, and it is kept by being reported with time stamp.
    GIB Portal, Special Integrator or integration is possible.
    Special Integrator or integration is possible.
    It is obligatory for certain critical sectors and for companies with a turnover above a certain limit and for which are in commercial relations with such critical sectors.
    It is obligatory for companies conducting sales activities through internet with a turnover above a certain limit.
    The companies which are not obliged may apply for e-Invoice, if they desire.
    The companies which are not obliged may apply after being registered for e-Invoice.
    • All taxpayers using e-Invoice, only by applying,
    • Taxpayers which are not using e-Invoice, by applying firstly for e-Invoice and then for e-Archive
      can pass on to this application which is obligatory for those taxpayers selling goods and services through internet, and of which the income statement gross sale proceeds for year 2014 is 5 million TL or more. Thanks to e-Archive Invoice, developed by KoçSistem, the invoicing system gains a new dimension.
    • With KoçSistem’s e-Archive Invoice product, ensuring an easy, fast and low-cost integration with existing e-Invoice Systems thanks to its UBL-TR format support, also you can benefit from the following opportunities:

    • Distinctive performance with the software architecture developed specifically by KoçSistem R&D Center;
    • File transmission either individually or collectively;
    • Preparing e-Archive invoiced through e-Portal;
    • Uploading invoices through e-Portal without integration;
    • Immediately receiving back the invoice prepared through online invoice processing services, as signed;
    • Thanks to indexed data, extremely fast access to archived invoices during the keeping period;
    • Downloading invoices in UBL-TR and PDF formats, printing them, and sending them to your customers via e-mail, secure connection or as printed documents.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Enterprise Performance Management is process combining objectives, metrics, employees and technology in order to improve the performance of the whole organization.
What are the advantages of Enterprise Performance Management Applications?

  • With the EPM applications offered specifically for your company by KoçSistem, you will transform your strategies into operational objectives and metrics.
  • You will ensure the determination of the critical processes influencing the company value and the common criteria enabling the tracking of such processes.
  • You will effectively manage the performances of both your human resources and your organization.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Customer Relations Management (CRM) is a system ensuring the correct management and control of companies’ contact points with their customers.

KoçSistem generates the most appropriate solutions for your needs in terms of CRM applications, both through the solutions it develops and its strategic cooperation relations.

What are the advantages of Customer Relations Management (CRM) Applications?

  • With Customer Relations Management (CRM) applications, you increase the loyalty of your customers to your brand, customer satisfaction and profitability of your company.
  • By targeting correct customers through comprehensive analyses, you may increase the number of your customers at low costs, and through cross-selling, you augment your market share.
  • In each and every area where you reach your customers, you can transform the data you gather into information, and you reveal your opportunities and needs more rapidly.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning, leading the systems and applications preparing the enterprises for competition, is an integral set of systems which may exactly and fully reflect the physical reality in an everchanging environment, and may foresee the probable results and outcomes according to the new conditions.

KoçSistem caters for the needs of its customers in terms of ERP applications throughout their whole life cycle, starting from the phase of selection up to the operation after usage, both with its ready ERP solutions and its software development staff.

What are the advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications?

  • You decrease your costs and increase your productivity thanks to the integration and cooperation between Enterprise Resource Planning applications and your business processes.
  • You own a scalable solution thanks to its capability of expanding in parallel with the growth of your organization.
  • You can access various functions as necessary, and thus, you can use a feature which you do not need at the moment, by activating it in the future.

Business Processes Management (BPM)

By defining how companies do business, the Business Processes Management (BPM) ensures that the business processes of the company are created, monitored and finalized in electronic media. Through modeling of the processes, it helps the delivery of correct information and business to correct person at the correct time. Noteworthy corporate gains are obtained as a result of better managed processes.
KoçSistem is offering a work flow management system ensuring the standardization and automation of in-house business processes of its customers. In addition, these solutions are configured in a flexible modular structure modifiable according to the customers’ own work flows.

What are the advantages of Business Processes Management?

  • Within the framework of Business Processes Management, as a set of solutions containing analysis, design, optimization and automation of the processes in your company and work flows are presented with Document Management, Digital Identity Management, CRM and Portal solutions and Service Based Architecture approaches.
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