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The progress in the mobile technologies is the trigger of the digital transformation experienced in all the industries, from finance to automotive…   Thanks to the mobile technologies constituting the infrastructure of all mega trends, such as the internet of things and cloud computing, you can transform all your business processes into mobile; from the coordination of your field sales teams to the management of your purchasing transactions.   With the Mobile BusinessLine product family, we aim to become a trustworthy and strategic business partner in your digital transformation journey by offering solutions that combine mobile and communication technologies.

BusinessLine Product Family

Mobile Workplace

In order to be successful in today’s business world, we don’t have to be at the same physical environment with resources.


With the Mobile Workplace solution compatible with iOS and Android platforms, you can manage your meeting rooms, have a more effective in-house communication, and make your work flows such as vehicle request and expense forms mobilized.


  • An infrastructure compatible with all mobile devices;
  • High-security access from anywhere;
  • Cloud-based architecture which can be scaled easily according to the change in the number of your employees.


With the MeetNow solution compatible with iOS and Android platforms, you can easily manage your events starting from the planning stage, such as exhibitions, conferences and product promotions,  you can ensure maximum interaction with the participants, and you can accurately measure and report your activity performance.


  • You can share documents with the participants;
  • You can receive live questions, even before the event;
  • You can send instant messages to the participants;
  • You can share your contact information through map applications;
  • You can choose between Turkish or English language options.


Enabling instant access to detailed customer and product information from anywhere in order to increase the performance of your field sales teams, the Mobile Field Sales solution also creates a vision that minimizes your losses by placing the satisfaction of your customers in the center.


  • You can feed your CRM processes directly with field information;
  • You can effectively manage potential sales opportunities;
  • You can instantly manage your sales teams based on routes;
  • You can prevent business losses with the working offline feature;
  • With the flexible product definition infrastructure, you can easily manage your product catalogue.


We have special offers in Apple products for our customers who would like to experience KoçSistem Mobile BusinessLine solutions through iOS platform!   For detailed information, please contact our sales representative.
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