New data center investment: İstanbulOne
“Special Integrator” permission from the Directorate of Revenues on e-invoicing
First KoçSistem international company: KoçSistem Azerbaijan “The Technology Solution of the Year” award with Pixage at the European IT Excellence Awards
R&D Center Certificate received from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce as per Law 5746 A success story: Average 28% growth in the last 5 years.
Samsun Callus Call Center is established. ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety certificates are received.
KoçSistem Solution Center is established. KoçSistem R&D and Innovation Center received approval from the Ministry.
ISO 27001-2005 ISMS bt POTA Platinium certificate is received. Pixage, a digital publication software, is developed at KoçSistem R&D and Innovation Center.
ISO 2000 Certificate & Service Management CMMI L3 certificates were received.
Ankara Emergency Situation Center is inaugurated.
İstanbul Data Center is inaugurated. İstanbul Communication and Publishing Center is inaugurated.
Oursourcing Services Call Center is established.
The company is named KoçSistem.
It was restructured as Koç-Unisys.
It was restructured as Koç Burroughs.
Koç Ticaret Büro Levazımatı A.Ş. is established.

Turkey’s oldest and leading information technology company founded with domestic capital, KoçSistem Bilgi ve İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. was originally established as Koç Ticaret Büro Levazımatı A.Ş. with a representation agreement it concluded with the US-based Burroughs firm in 1945. 

Our company has remained a market leader and stayed abreast of developments around the world ever since its founding. In keeping with developments over the years, it has shaped its organization based on the needs of the market.

In 1962, it became an independent company in order to better meet the expectations of the market and continued operations in the computer sector under the name Koç-Burroughs.

After Burroughs merged with Sperry Univac, another leading computer firm based in the US, in 1986, the name Koç Burroughs was changed to Koç-Unisys to reflect the Unisys (United Information Systems) name they had chosen. This agreement made our company responsible for management of all Unisys operations in Turkey.

Ten years later in 1997, the name Koç Unisys was changed to KoçSistem to reflect the vision for projects providing brand independent solutions and system integrations and diversification of the brands in the product offering.

A well-established and leading Turkish information technologies company, KoçSistem is a Koç Group company that has operated in the sector for 71 years and all of its shares are held domestically.

KoçSistem plays a major role in the digital transformation of enterprises offering a great variety of smart solutions in mega trends including the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Corporate Mobility and Smart Solutions. KoçSistem considers digital transformation “a world of opportunity” and calls this wave of transformation the “New Opportunities World – “NoW”. KoçSistem invites its customers to a full technological experience and calls on them to benefit from technological opportunities offered NoW during their digital transformation.

Company Development

With employees and a management approach focused on business excellence, KoçSistem helps make its customers competitive with its solution integration experience, and continues to be a leader in numerous areas of the Information Technologies and Communications sector.

In 2009, KoçSistem was granted permission to establish “the 16th authorized R&D center in Turkey and the first in the field of software” within the framework of Law 5746 Regarding Support for Research and Development Activities. Research, development and innovation work is being conducted in the field of information technologies with over 100 employees at the R&D and Innovation Center.

The first product developed as a result of this work was Pixage, a digital publishing software. Pixage has the distinction of being the first corporate digital publishing software developed in Turkey using solely domestic resources and was awarded the “Technology Solution of the Year in Europe” prize in 2012. Its journey in the global arena and the European market began with its digital publishing product Pixage in several stadiums, primarily England and Germany.

2012 was a year in which KoçSistem was recognized around the world for its accomplishments and won numerous awards. KoçSistem received the “Human Resources Team of the Year” award from the Stevie Awards, and it was also the first Turkish company to win the “Reputation and Brand Management” award, again from the Stevie Awards.

According to IDC data, KoçSistem, the Turkish IT Services market leader, won first place in the Informatics 500 System Integrator/Service Sub Category, Consulting and Hosting Management Cloud Service categories.  It was a finalist in the Innovation Creativity Awards organized by TESİD with its remote meter reading product SistemetriKS. It was also one of the “National Champions” in the Environmental and Enterprise Sustainability category at the European Business Awards.

Celebrating its 71th anniversary in the Turkish information technologies sector in 2016, KoçSistem has expanded its service portfolio with technology-focused business solutions and strategic cooperations, achieving growth of 19%.

According to the 2016 IDC report, the company’s enterprise cloud computing services brand Maximus is an important player in the Turkish Enterprise Cloud market with a market share of 14%.

In 2010, KoçSistem began offering the “Virtual Data Center” service, which is the first self-service cloud computing service in Turkey, and is a pioneer in this field. The service is an alternative to the use of physical servers and provides customers with information processing and storage resources with monthly payments. The company has expanded its service portfolio in the field of cloud computing to better serve its customers in keeping with new trends and technological developments. In 2012, these services were consolidated under the Maximus brand.

KoçSistem proved its success in the cloud market by taking first place in the “Best Commercial Sector Case Study” at the Turkish Cloud Awards, earning the right to represent our country at Euro Cloud 2013. Our company brought the HR Cloud Payroll Management Service to market, thus implementing the first human resources cloud application in Turkey. 

Another important KoçSistem venture that left its mark on 2012 was the establishment of its first foreign company in Azerbaijan. As a result of work it performed in Azerbaijan, KoçSistem executed successful projects with leading companies in the Azeri market, such as Azerinteltek and Azerfon. KoçSistem opened its first foreign R&D Center in 2015 in Baku.

One of the first companies to obtain a “Special Integrator” permit from the Revenue Administration in the area of e-Invoicing, KoçSistem distinguished itself in this field by obtaining the ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management certificate. KoçSistem offers its e-Invoice solution with the cloud architecture model, and it continues to expand its e-Government product portfolio with e-Ledger and e-Archive.

KoçSistem has continued its strategy of focusing on areas that shape the business world such as mobile technologies, cloud computing and managed services, and became a market leader in important areas in 2013.

With the investments it has made in the area of manageable security services, KoçSistem has raised its capacity to identify and monitor risks in advance and to instantly offer the right solution, opening its Security Operations Center in 2013. The company has an end-to-end approach to addressing services in this area and has achieved the ability to manage all of the services purchased from different companies via a single center.

In its enterprise risk management applications, KoçSistem offers many customers Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services with Data Centers in Ankara and Istanbul that have completed international accreditation.  On the Istanbul One project, which is Turkey’s largest data center, it brought one of the largest investments made by an international company to our country thanks to its cooperation with Zenium Technology Partners, a leading global data center company. KoçSistem provides hosting and managed service solutions to companies that need bulk space leasing and system management on a large scale via Istanbul One, which was completed in 2015.

KoçSistem offers infrastructure transformation solutions, business applications and managed service solutions to customers in finance, telecommunications, retail sales, energy, durable consumer goods, automotive, government, transportation and many other sectors.

KoçSistem meets the needs of its customers in a reliable and integrated based on their demands and expectations while ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction thanks to the powerful strategic partnerships it has developed. 

KoçSistem is ready for new transformations thanks to a market-oriented product management approach that creates value for its customers, a strategic perspective with a clear view of the future and an R&D and innovation power that spearheads technology.

Basic Principles of KoçSistem’s Quality Policy


  • Basic Principles of KoçSistem’s Quality Policy

    • We work to ensure that all our employees and business partners recognize KoçSistem’s mission and vision as well as proceeding together towards our common goals.
    • We carry out our works in accordance with the laws, regulations, international standards and the Global Principles Agreement.
    • We keep our employees aware of the requirements of our Integrated Management System and ensure that they are engaged in improving this system.
    • We define the KoçSistem processes by means of internationally recognized standards that are focused on customer requests and needs, while offering services through the use of technologies that will maximize the efficiency level of our customers, and pursuing a strategic management approach that ensures customer satisfaction beyond expectations.
    • By encouraging our employees to contribute in business processes with new ideas, we develop creative and innovative products and services.
    • We assess performances of KoçSistem processes through solid data, right methods and systems besides providing input for continuous improvement.
    • KoçSistem endeavors to establish good relations with its suppliers and organizations operating in the same ecosystem and continue growing together.
    • Within the scope of business sustainability, we aspire to be prepared for any probable incidents that may adversely affect our company’s critical functions and business processes, and ensure a pre-planned and tested response to any case of service interruption.
    • To ensure stability in service provision, we periodically evaluate the risks on information security, occupational health and safety, environment management and business continuity, and provide inputs for the customer service management.
    • We regulate the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of all our physical and virtual information sources in a way that will meet the needs of our customers, business partners and suppliers. We take the necessary measures to minimize violations of information security and increase awareness of our employees and business partners at the highest level possible.
    • We aim to continuously enhance and develop the knowledge level and the protective understanding to ensure occupational health and safety of all our employees and other actors in the business ecosystem, as well as raising environmental awareness in the eye of our employees.
    • Besides activities informing the employees and the society to increase their environmental awareness, we encourage practices that are not detrimental to the environment, human health and safety.
    • We put extensive efforts to offer efficient, realistic and applicable solutions in the customer complaint management and to protect our customers’ rights. We operate on the basis of the Integrated Quality Management approach by recording all complaints, and sharing with our customers the findings and solutions obtained from examinations of the problems.


    KoçSistem Management Team endeavors to maximize the satisfaction of its shareholders, employees, customers and business partners, while protecting employees from occupational diseases and probable injuries, and minimizing harms to the environment by undertaking the responsibility to provide any resources necessary to become an exemplary corporation with a great employee engagement that creates difference in the information technologies and services sector.

  • Customer Management and Handling of Complaints

    We utterly value the customer feedback.
    Our Customer Suggestions and Complaints Management Approach

    KoçSistem Management Team endeavors to maximize the satisfaction of its shareholders, employees, customers and business partners, while protecting employees from occupational diseases and probable injuries, and minimizing harms to the environment by undertaking the responsibility to provide any resources necessary to become an exemplary corporation with a great employee engagement that creates difference in the information technologies and services sector.

    • We are committed to creating sustainable cooperation of mutual value and provide services for our customers with a win-win policy.
    • With innovative services, we are aspired to go beyond customer expectations and to ensure continuity in customer relations with maximum customer satisfaction.
    • We evaluate all complaints fairly, impartially and unconditionally.
    • We see demands, expectations and complaints of our customers as opportunities for improvement; and therefore, we are committed to handling their requests, expectations and complaints in the best way possible by meticulously abiding to the legal obligations.
    • We keep our customers’ personal information confidential and provide efficient, realistic and practicable solutions with clear, understandable and accurate information.
    • We prioritize our customers’ expectations and show ultimate attention to our personnel trainings so as to ensure continuous improvement in our approach toward the customers.
    • All of our access channels are open to our customers and the public.

    Customer Suggestions and Complaints Work Flow


    Understanding customer needs correctly and foreseeing their expectations have a major role in ensuring customer satisfaction.
    Today each and every solution needs to be “customer-centric,” and we have to push the limits to be able to “create difference” for unconditional customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    For satisfied customers, we need to explain the benefits of the services we provide and make our customers feel that we have internalized our services and we are always ready to stand by our customers with the services we provide.
    With the process which we have structured to understand our customers’ needs correctly and provide them the most efficient solutions, we aim to work and continue to develop with unconditionally satisfied customers.


    You can forward your suggestions/ complaints via the
    Your Suggestions & Complaints area on our website. We kindly ask you to fill out the required blanks marked with “*”.

  • Milestones

    1997ISO 9002 certificate obtained in the Field Services Group, KoçSistem became the first service organization with ISO 9000 certificate within the Koç Group. Again in the same year the SPICE (*) – ISO TR 15504 (Software Process Improvement Capability Determination) model was adopted for improving the software processes and improvement works were realized within this frame.
    2000 KoçSistem obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for its services in general.

    2002 Process improvement practices for software were also carried out in compliance with the CMMI (Capacity Maturity Model Integration) model. Projects realized in previous years constituted an important basis for CMMI.

    2003 The process infrastructure was improved to fulfill the requirements for CMM Level 2.
    2006 yılında, Appraisal C, Appraisal B, Appraisal A Readiness ve Appraisal A değerlendirme aşamaları başarılı bir şekilde tamamlanarak, KoçSistem, CMMI Maturity Level 3 olarak belgelendirilmiştir.

    2006 Appraisal C, B, Appraisal a Readiness and Appraisal a phases were consecutively passed over and the CMMI Level 3 certificate was obtained.
    KoçSistem Data Center Services are designed with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) base, maintained by appropriate tools and managed successfully.

    2008 KoçSistem was awarded with btPOTA Platinium documents of TÜBİSAD for Outsourcing Operations, Emergency Management, Desktop Management and Application Support.

    2009 KoçSistem Data Center Services successfully completed the inspections conducted by the British Standards Institution (BSI UK) in November and earned the “ISO 27001- Information Security Management System” certificate.

    2010 ISO 14001 Environment Management, OHSAS 18001 Job Health and Safety certifications were obtained.
    The Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Turkey, complying with NATO Security Principles, delivered a Facility Safety Certification to the KoçSistem building in METU Technocity, Ankara.

    2011Certificate of the Research and Development Center was received in accordance with the law no: 5746 conducted by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.
    ISO 20000-1: 2005 certification scope has been expanded with Application Management and Support services.

    2012 ISO 20000-1: 2005 certification scope has been expanded with Field Services.

    2013ISO 22301 under the E-Billing Service Special Integrator: 2012 certification has been obtained. Concurrently, ISAM support given to banks under the 3402 (Assurance Reports on Controls at a Service Organization) Audit Opinion Report was received.

    2015 ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management, OHSAS 18001: 2005 Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 10002: 2014 Customer Complaints Management, ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management, ISO 20000-1: 2011 service coverage of management documents IstanbulOne has been expanded with the Data Center.

  • Our Quality Certificates

    Here at KoçSistem, the national and international quality certificates issued by independent inspection bodies demonstrate our leadership and distinction in the Turkish Informatics Sector.

    The quality certificates that we possess demonstrate that we will meet customer expectations and needs in the best way possible, and they are the keys to customer satisfaction.

    Click for our Certificates

  • KoçSistem Information Security Policy

    Objective To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information by outlining information security rules that KoçSistem employees must follow when using KoçSistem resources, and to protect enterprise information.
    Area of Application This policy encompasses all employees at the company, third party users that access information systems, and service, software or hardware providers that provide support for information systems and visitors.
    Abbreviations – Definitions

    Information Assets: Everything of value to the enterprise (all information, software, hardware, human resources and processes that belong to the enterprise)

    Information Security: Ensuring that the information assets of the enterprise can only be accessed by authorized individuals, that they are protected from unauthorized changes, that changes are noticed, and that information assets are accessible the moment they are needed.

    • KoçSistem Bilgi ve İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. (Enterprise) considers information security a top priority in keeping with its objectives, values and strategic goals.
    • Enterprise management aims to:
      • Protect the image and reliability of the enterprise
      • Ensure that contracts satisfy the requirements of information security and
      • Ensure that the fundamental and supportive activities of the enterprise continue with minimum disruption.

    The enterprise promises to take measures that will protect and ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of its information assets.

    • Defining, assessing and processing information security risks shall be addressed within the scope of enterprise risk management. The Compliance and Risk Unit Administration and Information Security Process Administrator is responsible for risk management.
    • Everyone who uses the enterprise’s information technology infrastructure and accesses information sources:
      • Must ensure the confidentiality of the information that belongs to the enterprise in personal and electronic communications and information sharing with third parties,
      • Must backup information that they process based on criticality levels
      • Must take the security precautions specified based on risk levels
      • Must be informed about information security violations, must not engage in behavior that would be a violation and must report violations of information security that they observe as specified and announced by the enterprise.
      • Must not share internal enterprise information with unauthorized individuals, and must not use said information for activities that violate Turkish laws or regulations.
    • Enterprise employees and outside parties such as visitors, customers, suppliers and third parties are required to comply with this policy and other policies, procedures and instructions that ensure this policy is implemented.
    • The Information Security and Business Continuity Committee is responsible for supporting information security infrastructure and keeping it functional.
    • To raise awareness, the Enterprise promises to give all employees online “Information Security Awareness Training”, to continually improve information security, and to meet the feasible expectations of concerned parties in connection with legislation and regulations.
    • If there is a violation of information security policies, procedures or instructions, sanctions such as warnings, reprimands, and contract termination shall be applied as required by enterprise personnel regulations.
    • Senior enterprise management is ready to provide any and all support when it comes to taking the actions necessary in order to protect information assets, raise awareness of information security, create a shared corporate culture, identify risks and remedy weaknesses as well as enforcing the necessary sanctions in security breaches within the framework of the rules specified in the KoçSistem Information Security Policy.
    • The Enterprise ensures compliance with Information Security requirements through internal and external audits, presenting the audit results to management and taking actions based on these results. Feasible information security controls shall be specified and managed together with concerned parties.
    • This policy shall be reviewed at least once a year by the Information Security Process Administrator, approved and announced by senior enterprise management. The policy must also be reviewed when there are changes that have a significant impact on information security processes.
    • Attachments: All supporting policies related to information security are described in the “KoçSistem Policies Related to Information Security” document.
  • KoçSistem Journey To Quality


Your Imagination is Our Strength

One of the trend-setting companies in the Turkish Information Technologies sector, KoçSistem’s mission is to provide its clients with custom technology solutions developed with an “end-to-end service” philosophy that exceed their expectations.

Today, the competition between companies to expand their share of the global market is reshaping priorities and those who manage information make the rules in this new order. Strengthened by its 71 years of experience, KoçSistem manages information accurately and effectively to ensure complete customer satisfaction at service centers located throughout Turkey thanks to its sound positioning reflex in response to global competition, its goal of making customers’ dreams come true through creativity and its swift and solution-oriented organization.

In order to maintain this distinction, KoçSistem combines its enterprise competencies and creativity with strategic partnerships established with the world’s largest technology producers and providers and embarks upon long-lasting cooperative ventures and achievements.

KoçSistem’s slogan “Your imagination is our strength” reflects its focus on continuous development and presence as an enterprise. KoçSistem makes the sustainable growth objectives of its customers a reality by “creating a difference” through strategies powered by original technology solutions and outsourced services.



To be a pioneering force that carries its stakeholders in Europe and nearby regions into the future with innovative technology, solutions and services.


To take the strength it derives from its stakeholders, use it for their development and turn it into reliable, innovative, trend-setting and long-lasting technology, solutions and services leadership that creates value for the country.



R & D Center Summit, Best Capacity Award
Informatics 500, System Integrator of the Year Service Sub Category 1, Management Cloud Service Category First
Cisco, Partner of Architectural Success Collaboration Solutions
IMB, Most Successful Partner Award
Koç Group Sports Club, Tennis League Group B, Second Place Cup
19 May Half Marathon, Samsun 1st Place Cup
27th Koç Group, Sports Finals Women’s Swimming Team Second Place


Cisco, Security Architecture Partner of the Year
Cisco, FY15 Emerging Region PartnerPlus Program Elite Category Champion
Dell, User Group Conference Excellence Award
EMC², Gold Certificate
Fortinet, FortiPartner Program Certified Award
HP, Awarded Best Service Provider of the Year
Honeywell, Turkey Outstanding Achievement Award
Huawei, Best Value Added Partner Award
Vitel, Successful Solution Partner Award


Bilişim500, System Integrator Service Category First Prize
Dell, Most Successful Private Sector Project, Partner of the Year with the highest turnover
Microsoft, Hosting Partner of the Year Award
Indoor Cup 2i, Fanatic Intercommunication Salon Athletic Games Award
Zebra, Award of Excellence


Borusan Logistics, Special Award
Euro Cloud Turkey, Best Commercial Sector Case of the Year Award
Oracle Partner Achievement Awards, Oracle Partner Achievement Award of the Year
Violin Memory, Service Provider Award
Koç Group Sports Festival, Chess Second Cup Award


Cisco Partner Summit, Partner of the Year
Dell, Most Successful Partner Software Products Award
Dimension Data, Partner of the Year
Deloitte Technology Fast50 Turkey, Big Star Award
Barrier-free Career, Employer Awareness Award
Estap, Channel Configuration Support Award
Huawei, VAP Award
ITEUROPA, Technology Solution Of The Year Award
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (UDH), Intelligent Transportation Systems Workshop Award
The Stevie International Business Awards, Brand and Reputation Management Category International Stevie Award
The European IT Excellence Awards, Technology Solution of the Year in Europe
The International Business Awards (IBA) Stevie Awards, Gold Stevie Award Human Resources Team of the Year Award


AonHewitt Best Business Places Survey, 4th Best Business Place Award
Avaya Partner Connect, Avaya Partner of the Year / Turkey
Bilişim 500, Consultancy Services Category 1, Hardware Department Year System Integrator Award Hosting Management Services Category 1
Dell, Top Selling Partner Award
Oracle Database, Partner of the Year Turkish Journalists Association, Global Warming Sensitivity Award


Avaya Emerging Markets Partner Conference, Call Center Excellence Award
Cisco Awards, Unified Communications Partner of the Year, Service Partner of the Year, Large Enterprise Customer Partner of the Year Award
IBM, System Integrator of the Year Award
Oracle Partners Achievement Awards, Business Partner Achievement Awards of the Year
Koç Group Sports Festival, Women’s Volleyball Championship, Men’s Volleyball Championship, Tennis Single Women’s Second Cup


HP, Business Technology Optimization, Business Partner Award for Best Growth in Corporate Sales
İKMTSD İnstitutional Table Tennis Turkey Championship, 2nd Istanbul Cup Men’s Team Second Place and 1st Group Men’s Team Cup
8. Istanbul Call Center Technology Awards, Best Call Center Award for Best Use of Technology.Kariyer.net, Human Respect Award
Koç Holding Most Successful Koçlular, Digital Publishing Project First Prize
Solution Provider, Solution Provider Gold Award
Journalists Society of Turkey, Environment Sensitivity Award
Active Academy at the 7th International Finance Summit, Corporate Social Responsibility Award
20. Koç Group Sports Festival, Women’s Volleyball Gymnasium Cup, Bay Volleyball 1st Place Cup


Avaya Turkey, Best System Integrator Award
Cisco Awards, Best Service Partner, Finance Sector Partner Award
Contact Center, Excellence Award
ICT Summit Euraisa Awards, Jury Special Prize
Oracle Partners Achievement Awards, Business Partners Outstanding Achievement Award
Oracle Turkey / Volunteer Olympics, Table Tennis First, Bowling Second Place Cup
Koç Group Sports Festival, Mr. Volleyball Second Place


Avaya Global, EMEA Business Partner of the Year, Growth Award
Avaya Turkey, Best Service Employee, Best System Integrator
Cisco, Best Service Partner Award
VMware, Partner with the Best Turnover


Avaya, Best Contact Center Award, Best Presales Person
IBM, WinBack Project of the Year Award
Microsoft, Service Collaboration with Microsoft Award
Nortel Networks, Best Project Sale Award


Avaya BusinessPartner Kick-Off, EMEA Most Successful Application Software Partner Award
Cisco Systems Awards, EMEA Partner of the Year, Mediterranean Region Silver Partner of the Year Award
DELL, EDB Platinum Business Partnership Award, Best Service Partnership Award
EMEA, Business Development Award
EMC Partner Award, Best Practice Level ILM Solution Award
Juniper Elite Partner Forum, Excellence Award, Business Development Award
Koç Group XVII. Sports Festival, Women’s Volleyball Third Place Cup, Women’s Volleyball First Place Cup, Men’s Volleyball Third Place Cup
Microsoft, Technology Disseminator of the Year Award
Sun I-Force Partner, System Supplier Award
Sun Microsystems, Best Strategic Sales Success Award
Sun Partner Symposium, Data Center Sales Champion Award


HP, Highest Revenue, Service Sales Provider
IBM, Project of the Year Award
Koç Group 15. Sports Festival, Men’s Volleyball Gymnastics Cup
Koç Group 16th Sports Festival, Men’s Volleyball Second Place, Women’s Volleyball Second Place

About Koç Holding

Vehbi Koç

About Koç Holding

Founded in 1926, Koç Holding has always been a step ahead of the changing conditions throughout its journey of over 90 years, which has led him to become one of the largest and most successful groups not only in Turkey, but also in Europe. Pursuing the purposes of compliance with the international standards and continuous development in all of its operations, Koç Group is a prominent world actor that is approaching step by step toward its goal to achieve significant success also in the international arena as it has had in Turkey.

Goals and Principles
Koç Group, together with its employees, aims a solid development and provision of products and services at the universal quality and standards. It aims to be a symbol of reliability, continuity and reputability for its country, customers, business partners, dealers and sub-industries.
In this context, Vehbi Koç juxtaposes their goals and principles as follows:

“Our customers are our benefactors.”

Our first priority is to create value for our customers and respond to their expectations in high quality and stability.
It is our duty to own our products and support our customers in the post-sale period.

“Always being “the best” is our indispensable goal.

Our main goal is to be the best in quality, service, supply sources, dealer relations and investment options offered to the shareholders as well as preserving our prestige. To achieve this goal, our basic principle is to undertake the managing role in our fields of operation and to be the leader in the market.

Human resources is our most important capital.

Quality of our products and services is a presentation of our employees’ quality. We have been pursuing a path to ensure continuity of Koç Group for generations; that is attracting and recruiting the best personnel and qualified labor force to our Holding, getting the maximum benefit from our personnel’s competencies, strengths and creativities, increasing their efficiency, providing room for them to improve themselves, and creating a working environment that encourages cooperation and solidarity.

Our aim is to create resources for continuous improvement.

Our basic principles include investing in the necessary fields to ensure continuity of services; providing the shareholders with the profit resulting from the capital to encourage the merge of large and small scale savings; creating resources out of our business operations and making no concessions in preventing extravagance through rational usage of the resources to contribute to the economic and social development of our employees and the society.

It is our norm to comply with the outstanding business ethics and honest working principles.

It is our principle to approach with good will and good intentions to all our relations to ensure fair mutual benefits; and to comply with the laws and ethics.
Another one of our fundamental principles which we have pioneered and can never give up on is to fulfill our responsibilities towards today’s people as well as the next generations.
It is our duty to act with environmental consciousness and spread awareness in Turkey and the rest of the world.

We aim to strengthen the Turkish economy from which we draw our strength.

“I would like to express the basic principle of our Group with the following words:
My constitution is: I exist as long as my state and country exist. If democracy exists, we all exist.
We must exert the maximum effort to reinforce the economy of our motherland. As our economy gets stronger, democracy will take better root and our reputation in the world will increase.”

Vehbi Koç

Business Partners

Corporate Social Responsibility


“For My Country” Project is an umbrella project that intends to foster a sense of social responsibility among the companies, employees, dealers and suppliers of Koç Holding. The aim of the project whose theme changes biennially is to cultivate a more participatory attitude towards social problems and launch projects that raise life standards by supporting local development.

The theme of the “For My Country Project” for 2015-2017 is “Gender Equality.” The objective of Koç Holding is to raise public awareness about the reasons and consequences of gender inequality and to set a role model by developing a more egalitarian approach in business culture and social life within a holistic perspective.

As part of the “For My Country” Project, KoçSistem continues training and other activities to create an egalitarian society and world, to develop and raise a solid sense of awareness of Gender Equality both on individual and corporate levels.


Launched by United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (UN Women), HeForShe is a solidarity movement that calls on men of all ages to pioneer advocacy of gender equality and women’s rights.

Signatory to “Women’s Empowerment Principles”, the joint text of UN Women and United Nations Global Compact, Koç Holding is listed among the 10 Impact Champions on a global scale as part of the HeForShe campaign run by UN Women.

The main idea behind the campaign is that gender equality is an issue that concerns not just women but the entire society at large and a society that achieves gender equality will serve the interests of both men and women in social, political and economic realms.

KoçSistem continues to carry out activities under the HeForShe campaign. We call on men to represent change for women’s rights and become signatories at www.heforshe.org/tr.

Sustainability Report

Global Compact Convention

The Global Compact, initiated by the UN since 2000, is adopted voluntarily and the efforts made to comply with these principles are announced in a report published on the UN Web page.

The Global Compact is comprised of 10 principles which are based on human rights, labour conditions, environment and anti-corruption. The Global Compact is prepared in an attempt to enable companies and organizations reach even higher goals. Risk management, productivity growth, personnel motivation and commitment, brand awareness and access to new markets are of the main goals of the Global Compact.

According to the data provided on the UNGC website (www.unglobalcompact.org) on June 2014, the Global Compact has reached over 12,000 participants from 130 countries, 8,100 of those participants are businesses and the remaining 4,271 include public agencies, local administrations, associations, foundations, trade unions, professional organizations and academic bodies. With 291 participants in Turkey, the UN Global Compact has established a local network. 
Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact
Human Rights
Principle 1: Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed rights within their spheres   of influence.
Principle 2: Businesses should ensure that their own operations are not complicit in human rights abuses.
Principle 3: Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
Principle 4: Businesses should uphold the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor.
Principle 5: Businesses should uphold the effective abolition of child labour.
Principle 6: Businesses should uphold the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.
Principle 7: Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.
Principle 8: Businesses should undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.
Principle 9: Businesses should encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally-friendly technologies.
Principle 10: Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

The Informative Text On Processing Personal Data

We, KoçSistem Information and Communication Services Incorporated Company (“Company”), show ultimate sensitivity about the security of your personal data. In this context, we attribute great importance to processing and preserving any personal data belonging to all persons affiliated with the Company, including our customers benefiting from our products and services, in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) number 6698. With full comprehension of this responsibility, as a Data Supervisor, we process your personal data within the limits imposed by the legislation as explained below:
1. Collecting and Processing Personal Data and Purposes for Processing
Depending on the products, services or business operations provided by our Company, your personal data can be collected verbally, in written or electronically via automatic or non-automatic tools through offices, branch offices, dealers, call centers, websites, social media channels, mobile applications and etc. Your personal data will be collected, processed and updated, as long as you keep benefiting our Company’s products and services. In addition, your personal data can be processed when you use our call center or website with the intention of benefiting from the Company services; or visit our Company or website; or participate in trainings, seminars, or events organized by our Company.
The collected personal data will be processed in accordance with the articles 5 and 6 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) regulating data processing conditions and purposes with a view to: ensuring that our business units carry out the necessary works for you to benefit from our products and services; providing customized products and services according to your discretion, usage habits and needs; assuring legal and commercial security of our Company as well as of the persons in business relationship with our Company (administrative operations relating to communications within the Company, ensuring physical security and supervision at the Company premises, assessment processes for business partners/customers /suppliers – authorized officials or employees- as well as legal compliance process and financial affairs, etc.); determining and implementing commercial and business strategies of our Company; and finally, executing the Human Resources policies of our Company.
2. How and for Which Purposes the Processed Personal Data can be Transferred

The collected personal data may be transferred to our business partners, suppliers, Koç Group affiliated companies, shareholders, public institutions and private persons authorized by law in accordance with the articles 8 and 9 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD) regulating data processing conditions and purposes with a view to: ensuring that our business units carry out the necessary works for you to benefit from our products and services; providing customized products and services according to your discretion, usage habits and needs; assuring legal and commercial security of our Company as well as of the persons in business relationship with our Company (administrative operations relating to communications within the Company, ensuring physical security and supervision at the Company premises, assessment processes for business partners/customers /suppliers – authorized officials or employees- as well as legal compliance process and financial affairs, etc.); determining and implementing commercial and business strategies of our Company; and finally, executing the Human Resources policies of our Company.

3. Methods and Legal Reason for Collecting Personal Data
Your personal data is collected verbally, in written or electronically so that our Company can provide its products and services within the legal framework for the above stated purposes while completely and properly fulfilling its responsibilities incurring from the relevant contract and law. Your personal data that is collected for this legal reason can be processed and transferred with purposes stated in the articles (1) and (2) of this text within the scope of the personal data processing conditions and purposes determined in the articles 5 and 6 of the LPPD.
4. Personal Data Holder’s Rights Stated in the Article 11 of the LPPD
Provided that the personal data holders submit to our Company their claims relating to their rights by the below-stated means in this Informative Text, our Company will finalize the claim within thirty days at the latest free of charge, depending on the quality of the claim. Yet in case the Personal Data Protection Board imposes a price, a payment will be collected as per the tariff determined by our Company. Within this scope, personal data holders are entitled:
• To learn whether their personal data is processed,
• To demand information in case their data is processed,
• To learn the purpose for processing the data and whether it is used for that purpose,
• To know about the third persons receiving the relevant personal data at home or in foreign countries,
• To claim correction of the personal data, in case it is incompletely or incorrectly processed, and within this scope, to request notification to the third persons to whom the personal data is transferred,
• To demand deletion or disposal of personal data and notify the third persons that have received the data of such an act, in case the reasons for processing the personal data disappear, despite the relevant data has been processed in compliance with the provisions of the LPPD and other relevant regulations,
• To object to the results of processed data analyses made exclusively by electronic systems, if they are to the detriment of the personal data holders,
• To claim compensation for the damages, in case any damage occurs due to processing of personal data in defiance of the law.
As per the 1st paragraph of the Article 13 of the LPPD, you may submit your claims to our Company in written or by other means determined by the Personal Data Protection Board in order to use your rights stated above. As the Board has not determined any means of communication yet, you need to submit your application to our Company in written as required by the LPPD. Within this framework, the channels and methods to deliver your applications in written as defined by the Article 11 of the LPPD are explicated below:
In order to use your above-mentioned rights, please send your application including your credentials as well as explanations for the right you claim to use from among those stated in the Article 11 of LPPD by filling out the form on www.kocsistem.com.tr. Send a signed copy of this form together with your identity papers to Ünalan Mahallesi, Ayazma Caddesi, Çamlıca İş Merkezi B3 Blok 34700 Üsküdar /İstanbul by personal delivery or through a notary or via other methods determined in the LPPD, or send the relevant form with safe electronic signature to kocsistem@kocsistem.hs02.kep.tr.

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